How to Setup GTA 5 Custom Radio Stations

From the PC version of GTA V, you also may set your own customized radio channels and pay attention to your music when you play with.

To begin with, discover the records to your own music that you wish to incorporate (MP3 files have been supported to work, though the others might well not) and copy them manually.

Then navigate to a user accounts folder onto your Windows PC and then “Records,” “Rockstar Games,” and “GTA V.” There ought to be a clear folder in called “User Songs” Glue your music files inside that folder.

If you are having difficulty locating the folder, then the Complete path should resemble that:

C:\Users\Your User Account\Records\Rock Star Games\GTA V\User Music

In addition, in the event that you’re moving plenty of music, then you can rather use short cuts as opposed to replicating the real files. To generate a short cut into your own music, be certain that you are able to observe both folder that your music is currently in and also an individual Sound folder. Then you definitely ought to highlight all of the songs you want, hold down the Alt key and then drag them into an individual audio folder.

Last, launch GTA V and enter Settings. Select “Audio” and let it “Perform Quick Scan for Music or “Perform Full Scan for Music.” Once the scanning is finished, your custom made radio channel will likely be accessible from the match.

If you would like to alter the purchase price of their music onto your own custom made channel, you certainly can certainly do that from “Self Radio Mode” underneath precisely the exact settings.

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