Parachute Jump Guide

Once you finish the “Risk Assessment” assignment in GTA V, the Parachute Jump task is going to soon be unlocked. It is possible to use any personality and play Parachute Jumps in 13 distinct locations on the planet.

Parachute Jump Controls
To begin with, until you jump, you’re going to find a way to check around with the ideal stick. Whenever you are ready, press the square button (play station) or X button (x box) to jump.

Once you jump, it is possible to direct your collapse with all the left hand pole. Utilize the X (play station) or perhaps a button (x box) to set up your parachute.

Subsequent to the parachute deploys, you will get a larger selection of controllers that are available for you. You may still steer with the left stick, however you might also create sharp ends by holding L1 or R1. Holding these buttons down because you approach the earth may even allow one to earn an even more accurate landing. To produce the parachute, you must press the triangle button (play station) or Y button (x box).

Eventually, they may use the picture camera manually by holding down the specific button (play station) or B match (x box).

When at any point through the hop you want to cancel and re try, you certainly can certainly do this by simply pressing the square button (PS3) or X button (x box). In the event that you quit a hop rather than re trying, you may not get anything because of it.


The very first Parachute Jump is known as Pacific Tour, also you also are able to believe it is by travel west of Vespucci Beach. Jeff will simply take you in a helicopter to the hop, and you’re going to want to land onto a boat. Once you jump, wait for 8 minutes and install your parachute. This ought to provide you time to earn an exact landing.

The next Parachute Jump is known as Photo End, also you also are able to believe it is at Vinewood, at the racetrack. Input from the south west and rush north to get Jeff and the helicopter. This Parachute Jump could be the first to ever utilize check points. Once you jump, wait for two seconds and install your parachute. You’ll hang on the left side.

The next Parachute Jump is known as Turbine Terror, also you’re able to discover the helicopter north of Sandy Shores. Once you jump, wait for two seconds and set up your parachute to possess tons of time for you to accomplish your objective.

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