Two Best Skateboard Tricks

If you follow my tips below you will learn the two best skateboard tricks that any new skater can learn, they are easy, fun, and your friends will be amazed.

The most important trick that any new skater can learn is the ollie. This trick is a fundamental part of almost every other more advanced trick, and here I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

Stand on your board with your back foot at the very end of the tail, Best Penny Skateboard your front foot should be just behind the middle of the board. Keep your knees bent at all times, and when you’re first learning this move don’t try to ride too fast as you’ll fall and end up on you tube.

To start this move you need to crouch as low as you can get on your board, the lower you get the higher you will be able to ollie. Then you need to slam your back foot down as hard as you can and jump as high as you can. Slide your front foot forward until it is just over your front truck and lean forward. Keep your balance over the centre of the board and absorb the shock of the landing by bending your knees.

Now that you have mastered the Ollie it is time to move on to more advanced tricks. The next one I am going to tell you about is the kick flip. This one looks really impressive but is actually quite easy.

You will start off exactly as you did for the Ollie. This time after you hit the tail as hard as you can and jump in the air, you slide your front foot forward but also flick it off the edge of the board and press it down at the same time. If you do this correctly your front foot will make the board spin 360°. You will learn exactly how much pressure to use with the front foot in Best Longboards order to make the board do a complete flip, if you hit it too hard or too soft it will either spin too much or not enough and you’ll end up bailing.

Like I said earlier make sure that you keep your knees bent at all times during every trick. This will help you to keep your balance and also reduce the risk of you injuring yourself. When you are learning a brand new trick it is always a good idea to do it without moving, either on the grass or on a piece of carpet.

If you follow my trick tips you’ll be skating like a pro in no time. You should practise every day to make sure you have these tricks perfected, then you can move on to the really advanced ones.

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